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Those who have come to know and rely upon our proven fire protection products and systems are well aware that our strong brands GEAQUELLO® and FLAMMADUR® have for many decades been the epitome of safety, resistance and durability at sea. Our solutions will continue just that way – now in association with svt Products.

You can now benefit from an enlarged product portfolio, from cross-company research and development as well as from our special fire protection solutions for all types of ships. The consistent quality of all products and systems is verified by ongoing third-party independent testing, and it is evidenced by numerous international certificates.

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Regardless of whether your fire safety focus is on ferries, cruise ships, navy ships or carrier vessels – you can always expect us to deliver reliable and stringently tested fire protection solutions imbued with a mission by design, namely to save lives, protect property and preserve the environment. This mission has been our all-time motivator, and it fits perfectly with the #TeamLifeProtectors focus of the svt Group of Companies.

Fireproof, leakproof … future-proof! Thanks to powerful systems and a well-organised product catalogue

Whether you are looking for pipe or cable penetration sealing systems, sealing compounds, firestop coatings, thermosensitive expansion modules or retrofit modules: Our fire protection solutions will take your ship safely to its destination.

By the way, joining the svt Group of Companies has enabled us to place an even stronger focus on the continuous evolution and enlargement of our product portfolio not only for ships, but also for other mobility areas and industry segments (including rolling stock, aircraft and automotive). As a result of this extension, our complete product and system catalogue is now available at

Free passage for safety – anytime, anywhere!

Extreme weather conditions and regular exposure to agents such as chemicals take their heavy and continuous toll on ships. We keep an eye on all industry-specific protection requirements so that clients can rely on us to provide safe solutions anchored in expertise and experience. Taking the opportunity to benefit from the synergistic effects that come with perfectly pooled fire protection know-how is worthwhile:

As we take an interdisciplinary, interprofessional and international approach, our seasoned gaze reaches beyond the horizon to safeguard mobility in every direction and setting. So regardless of whether transport occurs on water, roads, rails or in the air – our Transportation experts will be by your side to help you to keep safe on track!

Fire Protection by AIK – Excellence All Round!

AIK Flammadur Brandschutz GmbH has come to be known as the epitome of safety and reliability in preventive fire protection for over 100 years. Smart system and product solutions by AIK provide all-round protection to people and the environment worldwide by counteracting fire hazards and their manifold causes. Thanks to solidly grown experience in both development and manufacture, AIK has made an excellent name for itself as a provider of well-designed protection solutions for today’s ever more complex mobility needs. In 2016, AIK joined the svt Group of Companies – a renowned global player in the field of passive fire protection and damage restoration management. svt’s portofolio is unique across Europe: It comprises the complete brand range of top-notch certified manufacturing enterprises (svtRolf KuhnFlamro, AIK, OdiceSecuro, DDL, C H Materials, TFS Group) and also encompasses expert consultancy services.

The companies of the svt Group: The brands for fire protection products and applications, damage restoration management services in Germany, concept fire protection and fire protection services at a glance.

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