Fire protection systems for more safety

Our products protect lives, contain damage to property, prevent breakdowns and ward off environmental damage.

Combi seals

Cable seals

Pipe seals


Joint filling rope

Fire protection socket

Mortar seal

Fire protection hood

Cable bandage

Fire protection duct

Would you like to know what makes our products stand out?

Find out more and browse the product catalogues of our sales partners Vertriebspartner B.I.O. Brandschutz GmbH (Germany) und svt Products GmbH (international)!

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Fire-fit with Flamro

The quality of fire protection measures is not alone dependent on the products used. Expert consultancy, planning and installation also constitute an important element in the overall concept of fire protection. Therefore, comprehensive training courses focusing on FLAMRO® brand products and systems are held exclusively via our sales partners B.I.O. Brandschutz GmbH (in Germany) und svt Products GmbH (abroad).

Let us help you and your staff get fit for fireproofing! Add insight-based value to your company by enrolling on a highly informative Flamro training course! If you do, you will not only become conversant with the applicable requirements in passive structural fire protection, but will also receive guidance on compliant implementation options as well as information about suitable products and their best use.

By the way, our well-structured training courses are held throughout the year, and they are conceived to impart extensive knowledge in a quick and easy-to-follow manner.

We look forward to welcoming you as a course attendee!

Flamro’s commitment to quality – a promise to rely on

Your safety comes first with us – and so does, hence, the quality of our work. Thanks to the solid know-how and experience that we have gathered over several decades, we are up to any project challenge. Each and every customer can rest assured that we know our extensive product range back to front and that we will pick just the right fire protection solution for their specific needs. We also attach great importance to made-to-measure consultancy, regardless of whether a customer requires an integrated end-to-end solution, or a serially manufactured standard product or system, or an individual component.

We are well-equipped to handle complex requirements, too! Since we always look at the big picture without losing attention to detail, we are able to devise the single best solution for each project.

Our portfolio is highly diversified because we are well aware that no two projects are alike. We strive to devise the safest and thus single best fire protection solution for the specific needs of each customer – this is our mission and ambition.

Stefan Reuter, Authorised Officer Flamro

Always one step ahead of the future

The team of our in-house research & development department is consistently committed to refining and extending our product portfolio in line with customer needs, thus ensuring innovative high-quality solutions that stand the test of time and practice, no matter how complex or sophisticated project requirements may be. By the way, we have always been recognised pioneers in the development of passive fire protection products, and we contribute to shaping standards in the industry.

To ensure the unwavering quality of our products, we have in-house production monitoring procedures in place that are complemented and verified by stringent third-party analysis. Flamro is holder of both national and international approvals that have been awarded as a result of successfully passed fire tests conducted at regular intervals in Germany and abroad.

Fire protection systems made by Flamro are present in all climatic zones of the world, and they are also fit for use in projects with special safety requirements. All FLAMRO® products and systems are subjected to national testing (for the award of AbP/ General Building Inspectorate Test Certificates, AbZ/General Building Inspectorate Approvals) and to international testing (for the award of ETA/European Technical Assessments); they also comply with international standards (e.g. EN, UL and FM).