Product Description

FLAMMADUR® F 500 is a permanent elastic intumescent foam that builds an insulating layer in the case of fire. It is made from a two component polyurethane resin in combination with fillers.

FLAMMADUR® F 500 is approved by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik in Berlin (member of EOTA and UEAtc) for construction under No. Z-19.11-1929. In accordance with the German Standard DIN 4102 FLAMMADUR® F 500 is classified as B2 for construction materials.


FLAMMADUR® F 500 can be moulded into bricks, sheets, strips, plugs  or  other  shapes  for  various  fire-stopping applications, including self-adhesive types.
For special requirements it is also possible to get FLAMMADUR® F 500 in complex forms, in  combinations with other surfaces and construction materials or in self-adhesive types.   
Not be used: In wet rooms, outdoors or exposed to the weather or UV radiation (can be done only after applying an additional protection coating).

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