Innovative by tradition

Innovation is a matter of tradition, both for the svt Group and for Flamro Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH, because ever emerging requirements in the field of preventative fire protection call for ever new solutions to emerge in response. We at Flamro are committed to progress and, therefore, consistently work on further evolving our range: We conduct high-quality inhouse research in order to come up with new solutions that are not only creative, but also efficient and practical. In this way, we take the state of the art to the next level and keep the future in “forward-looking” motion. It is, therefore, for good reason that we rank among the major manufacturers in the field of passive structural fire protection. By the way, our customer care is reputed to be unbeatable, too!

Fresh solutions – made to measure
and “right from the furnace”

Accurate and insightful research work is the indispensable starting point from which a promising idea may evolve into a convincing, powerful solution. Based on these findings, the team of our technology department develops new FLAMRO® products and systems that are then subjected to extensive fire tests where top performance is a must. The problems and requirements encountered by our customers in their daily practice play a key role in our development work, so we give attention not only to product reliability, but also to product versatility and ease of use.

Signed, sealed and certified safety throughout –
from preliminary testing to the final approval stage

We apply for new product and system approvals, accompanying the process until it is complete. Also, we make sure that approvals are always up to date and thus valid. In doing so, we strictly adhere to all statutory and regulatory requirements while taking into account the needs-based information gained from the close dialogue we enjoy with our customers.

Since we act as a strong partner within an equally strong corporate group, we can conduct preliminary tests in-house at svt’s four fire testing facilities located in Erndtebrück and Seevetal. This enables us to optimise products and systems in a targeted way while shortening their time-to-market phase. Once the preliminary testing stage has been successfully passed, we submit the required product and system samples to renowned and accredited laboratories for normative fire testing, which is the prerequisite for the award of official certificates and approvals.

Once a new or enhanced fire protection product or penetration seal system has successfully passed the normative tests, it is awarded official approval.

Efficient fire testing within svt Group

As a member of svt Group, we use svt’s four fire testing facilities for conducting development-associated experiments and indicative fire tests, both of which are economical and environmentally acceptable due to flue gas scrubbing. The results derived from these tests ensure viable and efficient solutions that excel in even highly complex application scenarios. The test results also provide a reliable basis for expert assessments or project-related approvals (ZiE) when it comes to resolving specific questions or issues. By the way, svt’s Testing & Fire Protection Centre (PTZ) is also available to cooperation partners for their own development projects in fire protection engineering.