Cable Coating

In general

FLAMMADUR® A 77 HF Fire Stop Cable Coating consists of:

  • A 77 HF Intumescent fire protection coating
  • V 906 Protective Varnish

Range of application

When exposed to fire, FLAMMADUR® A 77 HF expands and cures to an insulating carbon foam, protecting underlying materials against heat. FLAMMADUR®  A 77 HF is  designed  to  prevent  the  outbreak  of  fire  caused  by cable burns. With FLAMMADUR ®  A 77 HF short-circuits or sparks, even  off high voltage cables, cannot spark fires. In case of an external fire, damage to cables and insulation is delayed for a minimum 30 minutes. As a result, escape routes and power supplies stay available for longer. Cable fire load is significantly reduced.

Smoke generated from the protected materials is < 400%/min. The coating does not affect the cables‘ current carrying capacity in any way.

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