FLAMMADUR® E 711 Conductive Sealing System

The conductive sealing system FLAMMADUR® E 711 consists of:

  • R 312 oder R 380 Swell modules
  • E 824 Impregnation fluid
  • E 950 Sealing compound
  • E 711 Conductice compound

Range of application

FLAMMADUR® E 711 is an electrically conductive 2k- EP sealing compound on basis of a solvent-free, modified  epoxy resin. The vibration-safe mass possesses a high resistance to aging and shows good detention characteristics on many materials. It fulfills also highest requirements  regarding  absorption,  resistance to shocks and sea water stability.

FLAMMADUR® E 711 can replace metals and is used preferentially for the connection of electrically conductive materials in places difficult to access. It is extremely suitable for grounding of the screen networks of cables, which are led individually or bundled through a bulkhead. The finished mixture can be sealed or painted.

FLAMMADUR ®  E 711 is used in shipbuilding.

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