Who we are

AIK stands for high quality in all topics of fire prevention

However, many people still think of quality only in terms of the end- product. For us, quality includes customer service, long-term efficiency and a goal-oriented business approach.

We are client-oriented

  • we develop our products according to our clients' requirements 
  • we accommodate any production guideline by supplying our products in the appropriate form.

We are committed to long-term efficiency

  • we produce in line with the latest research in occupational and environmental health and safety 
  • environmental safety is our greatest concern at all times 
  • we are members of safety standard committees and workgroups that define and develop technical norms and standards.

We are goal-oriented

  • we secure our economic success by constantly improving our market shares and our profitability 
  • our management and staff constantly improve processes and products

For us quality is complex and permanent. It's our history as well as our future.